As Bob Dylan once said, ‘Times, they are a-changing’.

Dylan’s life and music does not have many similarities with Black & White Cabs but this lyric is one that is resonating with us right now. The taxi industry is facing a change that we have never in our history had to face. The way in which ride-sharing has entered into the Australian market is unprecedented and Black & White Cabs is determined to keep up with customer demand.

Over the past 18 months there has been a strategic plan put in place within the Black & White Cabs management which has been led by the managing director. This plan is now becoming transparent for the general public, the Black & White Cab owners/operators/drivers and Black & White Cab customers. These initiatives have been implemented or will be launched in the near future and our aim is to evolve within the industry with the people that matter the most, our customers.

Black & White Cabs has just launched a new program which is aimed to not only to reward our loyal customer base but retain those that do not have a preferred travelling company. The rewards program will run in a similar way to other well-known loyalty programs such as Myer 1 or Qantas frequent flyer points.

Our research tells us that a large part of the personal travel market place is taken up by those passengers who do not have a preferred company and this rewards program is a way to entice the public to choose our company again. This is not only going to be achieved with flashy prizes, of which we have plenty, but also by giving our customers a voice on their experience in our taxis. A new ratings system is in place in which our passengers can rate their experience with the option to mention when our drivers go above and beyond.

The most exciting part of this initiative is that the drivers are also involved in the program. Having a separate rewards program for drivers will make Black & White Cab drivers more accountable for the service that they provide to the passenger. It will in turn also encourage our drivers to stand out and meet the service requirements of their customers. We have never faced a situation where new competitors have entered into the market place and because of this; the service expectations of our customers have been raised and are now a priority to our fleet in order to gain back our share in the market.


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