Black & White Cabs MFO Takes a Drive with Tim Nicholls MP

One of our Black & White Cabs MFO’s (Multi Fleet Operators) – Ronnie Woods – took a drive with Tim Nicholls MP to discuss new developments to the passenger transport industry.

The announcement came that the LNP has opened a position within the ministerial council to relay information about further developments.
The intention behind this is to open the lines of communication between the stakeholders within the taxi industry and the government.

Tim Nicholls MP stated that the aims of the LNP are to;
– even playing field for everyone in industry
– provide ongoing viable and safe security system for passengers

Ronnie Woods agreed that these are important goals to have currently. He stressed the importance of restoring value in licenses, primarily due to all taxi owners being small investors. He stated that the taxi industry have “been working hard with LNP over last 2 years or so,” and that it is good to see this being pushed forward.

Tim Nicholls assured that the government is going to listen to concerns, put in place a plan and see it implemented. He hinted that part of this plan would be to adapt the red tape and regulations to reduce costs.



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