Black & White Cabs driver leaves ride-share behind


Paul Mroz had always believed in moving forward and never going back. When he made the move from ride-share to Black & White Cabs he had that life motto at the forefront of his mind.

Paul Mroz has seen a lot in his years. Before becoming a professional driver, Paul spent time as a shift commander with the NSW Police, managed a Colonial State Bank and a Toyota Dealership and transported athletes at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. After resigning from Toyota, Paul packed up his life and headed overseas to live in Ireland for a period of time.

Upon returning to Australia, Paul needed quick cash and began driving for a ride-share company. He believed, like many, that this was the easiest option for him.

Paul believes that, “most people who drive for ride-share aren’t aware of Transport Regulations of the industry, have no training and just see it as fast cash”.

“I have plenty of customers telling me that some ride-share drivers don’t know where they are going and have driven them in the complete wrong direction”, he added.

After just a short time driving for ride-share, Paul became their ‘poster boy’. He featured on television programs and in promotional print. However, despite his 4.94 star rating and the ‘convenience’ of driving ride-share, he always had reservations about the security and future of his job.

“I always thought my insurances wouldn’t be covered. I always thought if I caused an accident I would be ‘wiped’ from the company and they wouldn’t care about me”, he said.

It wasn’t long before Paul’s uncertainties rang true when he was sideswiped by a passing bus. Paul was left to replace a side-mirror and polish out the scratches left on his car. The ride-share company refused to let him drive until they had seen photographic evidence that the car was fixed. Most alarmingly for Paul, was the fact that he never spoke to an actual human about the issue.

He tells us, “It was all email correspondence. I never spoke to anyone on the phone or met anyone in person”.

“The more you investigate, the more your eyes open to how it operates and how it uses the drivers for their own purpose. And the drivers bear the brunt of everything that happens.”

Not long after, almost by fate, a chance meeting convinced Paul that joining a taxi company was the way forward.

After an incident on the Gateway Bridge, involving a broken down car and a Black & White taxi, Paul met an Assistant Fleet Manager from Black & White Cabs and soon after Paul made the switch from ride-share to the taxi industry.

The thing that Paul says sets Black & White Cabs apart is “the systems and people that they have in place that are all working to improve the company”.

Whilst Paul being able to work when he wanted to at ride-share, he says, in the long run, the money he earns driving a taxi is better than ride-share.

“After you take in to account the wear and tear on your car – replacing brakes, tires, interiors, extra services – it comes out that you’re earning more driving a taxi”.

Not only that, having a dedicated Service Centre and Fleet Operator makes Paul feel valuable and appreciated by the company, rather than just another name in an app.

Paul joined Black & White Cabs as a Fleet Advisor and is training to be a Road Supervisor. He aims to one day train new drivers and share his knowledge of the industry.

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