Black & White Cabs joins national P2P transport


Black & White Cabs is excited to announce that it is becoming part of P2P Transport, servicing customers nationwide and allowing our customers, fleet and staff to plan for a secure, well-resourced and supported future.

Black & White Cabs becoming part of P2P Transport will see P2P become Australia’s largest fully vertically integrated passenger fleet operator with a network fleet of 2,500 vehicles.

As part of P2P Transport we will all enjoy the resources that economy of scale will bring. We will enjoy leading dispatch technology and innovative app solutions, which means a faster and more reliable booking process. The extensive resources which will be afforded to us through P2P will mean that corporate clients can set up national accounts for their transport in a much more streamlined manner.

The acquisition announcement has been made to the Australian Stock Exchange and follows a well-considered process to get to this point. Black & White Cabs believe it is not only best for the business’ future and the future of our owners, operators, drivers and staff within Black & White Cabs, but also for our valuable customers.

The taxi industry is rapidly changing and customers are looking for difference, efficiency, and economical value. The rise of ride sharing has placed pressure on our industry and we feel that by being part of the national P2P Transport, we will be able to succeed against the fast-paced changes facing our industry.

Approaching 100 years of operation, this is a momentous time for Black & White Cabs as a business and for our industry in general. We look forward to being part of a national team driving customer service, technological innovation and market share growth. We hope you share the same excitement in our future.

Due diligence for the acquisition of Black & White Cabs will be completed on the 1st July and Black & White Cabs will then officially be part of the P2P Transport.

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