Brisbane Taxi Driver Stories with Stuart Buchanan

Brisbane Taxi Driver Stories with Stuart Buchanan

Black & White Cabs turned 100 this year. Crikey.

On a milestone like that, you can’t help but reflect on how things have changed over time. And the best perspective to showcase how far we’ve come is a driver’s perspective.

Without a doubt, Brisbane’s laziest, haziest and craziest days were back in the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s. The city was on fire and the life of a taxi driver (especially on night shift!) was anything but boring.

Every Brisbane taxi driver from this period has their fair share of stories – tales of farcical local politics and colourful passengers. But there’s one driver who perhaps has the most stories to tell from these decadent decades…

Stuart Buchanan

Stuart is one of our most interesting taxi owners. He’s been a lighthouse keeper, photographer, historian, yachtsman and published author. But it’s his time behind the wheel that led him to publish a book in 2008.

TAXI: The Story of a Brisbane Cabbie

TAXI is packed with tales of good times and bad behaviour – and plenty of anecdotes that night drivers young and old will relate to. If you were driving back then, this could be a fun trip down memory lane. If you’re driving today, you’ll be amazed at the shenanigans that used to go on.

But, either way, be warned: Stuart tells it how it was. There’s some raw language and some revelations about Brisbane’s bad old days that may shock you.

Stuart Buchanan Story of a Brisbane Cabbie 2008 - Cover

If you can find a copy (borrow one from us if you like), this book is well worth a read – for current, former and aspiring Brisbane taxi drivers alike.