Black & White Cabs Driver In the Spotlight: Wayne Hawthorn

Black & White Cabs Driver In the Spotlight: Wayne Hawthorn

Meet Wayne, one of our irreplaceable taxi drivers based in Albion, Brisbane. Wayne boasts over a decade worth of knowledge and experience in the taxi industry. A mechanic by trade means Wayne brings a diverse set of skills to the taxi industry.

We wanted to learn a little more about Wayne and how he applies himself in an ever-changing taxi industry. What we discovered was that Wayne’s passion for engaging with the Brisbane community is like no other.

Q: Did you grow up in Brisbane?
A: I was born in Mount Isa which is around 1,900 Km North-West of Brisbane. I moved to Brisbane when I was 3 years old.

Q: Do you have a large family?
A: Well, more of a medium sized family, you could say! I have a wife and two boys – aged 18 and 16.

Q: What keeps you excited about the industry?
A: Having the opportunity to engage with the local community is without a doubt my favourite part. Being able to help a wide range of people, including those with special needs, the elderly and the school groups is why I love my job.

Experiences such as these are quite hard to find in any other occupation and I feel very lucky to have this opportunity. I can still recall the excitement on the kids’ faces as I took them to their very first day of school. This was, and still is, a priceless moment for me.

Q: What are some of the highlights in your career?
A: There’s a few that stand out, but one that I’ll never forget was when I won the ‘Taxi Driver of the Year’ Award at the Annual Queensland Taxi Awards night in 2009.

I take pride in delivering the best service to all my customers, so being recognised for this was definitely a very special moment for me.

To this day, it’s still a very fond memory, one that I’m very proud of and one that will stay with me for a very long time

Q: What do you think about the Brisbane Community’s expectations of the Taxi Industry?
A: Well, I think it’s very simple. Today’s customers are looking for more than just getting from point A to point B – they want an experience and delivering this experience is a critical part of being a successful taxi driver. Black & White Cabs is dedicated to delivering a customer experience that’s like no other.

Q: How do you ensure you provide the best possible service to your customers?
That’s an easy one! I always make sure I have a clean and tidy car, I’m always in uniform and have extensive knowledge of Brisbane and the surrounding areas.

It’s as simple as that.

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