Driver of the Year – Maxi 2023

Driver of the Year – Maxi 2023

Meet Mohammed Shahid, the professional cabbie who has won the prestigious Driver of the Year – Maxi award for the second time in his illustrious 30-year driving career. This award is an initiative of the Black & White Cabs Brisbane Operators Committee, who are proud to fund the prize every year.

Embarking on his taxi journey in 1992 for the extra income, Mohammed’s philosophy stems from some advice he received in his rookie days. This advice was “let the wheels roll and you will be successful, no matter how small the fare”. According to him, customers aren’t just a means of income; they are the people who fund the food on your table and empower you to shape your children’s futures through education.

The heartbeat of this business is the variety of experiences it has to offer. Mohammed revels in the ever-changing scenery painted by the diverse array of people and places he encounters on the asphalt canvas.

For those eyeing the coveted Driver of the Year – Maxi award in 2024, Mohammed has some wise advice. Firstly, start now. Every trip you do adds up and contributes to your overall standing at the end of the year in 2024.

Next, remember that the journey doesn’t end at the drop-off point. True excellence in customer service lies in extending a helping hand, not just at the beginning but also at the end of the road! Hop out and open your passenger’s door, help them carry their groceries and check they have all of their belongings with them.

Some other pieces of advice that Mohammed has are:

“Make sure yourself and your vehicle are presentable”

“Let the customer know if you are running late”

“Greet your customers like you would like to be greeted. Open the door, help them in and unfold the side steps of the maxi for easy access”

Never talk on the phone when you have a customer in the car”

If you’re interested in becoming a driver with Black & White Cabs, register your interest online and someone will be in touch with you.