5forOne Rules

Previous Rule Changes

Change #1

Accept & complete 5 consecutive bookings and you’ll receive 5 points and a priority plot. Points can be accumulated and the priority plot does not have to be taken upon reaching 5 points.

Priority plots will also be offered by Supervisory Staff to compensate drivers for any inconvenience caused by travelling excessive distances to pickup a customer or where a booking is urgent and we require a driver immediately.

Dispatch rules will be amended to incorporate the following:

Dispatch priority order to remain as it currently stands (Priority, Rank, Area etc…)

Drivers receive a priority plot for accepting five (5) consecutive bookings from the MTI dispatch without rejecting or recalling a booking.

If a driver rejects or recalls a booking their acceptance count resets to zero

If a driver receives a ‘no job’ or ‘cancellation’ it counts towards their five bookings.

If a driver receives a ‘no job’ or ‘cancellation’ and it is their fifth consecutive booking, the driver is awarded their no job priority first. The reward priority will take effect after the next passenger drop off. The driver’s booking count will then reset to zero.

A driver shall be able to plot anywhere MTI currently allows the driver to plot.

If a driver plots to an area where there is already a car priority plotted the second plotted driver will be number (2) in the queue.

Change #2

Public places to be treated as a booking. Public place bookings will be dispatched normally in the queue as opposed to the current method of being dispatched via the MTI cover screen.

Change #3

Removal of all prospect messages and the prospects screen.

Booking prospects to be removed from all methods of communication, including MTI stats, MTI messages and Facebook messages.

Prospects on the MTI screen will no longer appear.

Change #4

Introduction of 24/7 Driver Destinations

We will be allowing the use of the Driver Destination feature (Next>Tools>Driver Dest) all day every day to help drivers keep working but still get to changeover, appointments, private bookings etc. Use this function to set an area on the map, and then you will only get jobs finishing inside this area or en-route to this area, allowing you to stay available and not get a job going in the wrong direction.

Note that this feature only stops you getting work that doesn’t suit where you are going, it doesn’t make it more likely to get a particular job. To make sure this feature is not misused, you will NEVER get a job going to Brisbane Airport or Greenslopes while you have a destination set.