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Black & White Cabs offers outstanding opportunities combined with a flexible approach to equip you with the skills to earn an excellent income in a rewarding role. We currently provide FREE ONLINE TRAINING! So, there’s never been a better time to get started, just fill out your details above and submit you enquiry and we’ll send you details on how to access the FREE ONLINE TRAINING!

Once you have finished your training Black & White Cabs will support you throughout your career as a taxi driver.  There are many opportunities within the taxi industry to grow your business and we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

Why are we different?  Black & White Cabs embraces drivers from a wide range of cultural, geographical and educational backgrounds, treating our drivers like family is what sets us apart from other companies.

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Top Questions from Drivers
Drive with Confidence

Do I need an ABN and registered for GST?

Taxi Drivers must have an ABN (Australian Business Number) and under existing tax law, drivers are required to register for GST regardless of how much they earn. Applying online is easy. Find out more.

I have another job. Can I still drive taxis?

Absolutely – driving taxis is flexible. You can drive full time day or nights or 1 day, supplement your income driving on weekends, or just drive once in a while when a big bill comes in.

Is driving a taxi safer than driving ride-share?

Driving for a taxi company, you get access to the latest state-of-the-art safety systems including:

Satellite navigation

Advanced security camera system fitted to the car

Hidden alarm system monitored 24 x 7 by our customer service centre

How much can I earn?

Whether you’re aiming to become a driver or you’re simply curious about the taxi industry, we can help you understand how much taxi drivers earn and the different issues that may influence wages. To give you a fair idea, you can find an ‘Income Guide for Taxi Drivers’ on the ATO website by clicking here.

Do I need a medical certificate?

Yes! You can book in for a medical assessment with your preferred GP. Find your closest GP here.