DVA Transport

DVA Transport

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) provides eligible veterans (people who have served in the Australian Defence Force) and war widows with a range of transport options. Black & White Cabs is proud to have a working relationship with DVA Vets. We can take you to all your doctor’s appointments on time and in comfort.

DVA demonstrates a commitment to service excellence by ensuring all transport providers observe the following principles:

  • Veterans’ needs and safety are the top priority.
  • Veterans may have mobility difficulties or walking aids and should be offered all reasonable assistance for the extent of the journey including approaching, entering and exiting the vehicle.
  • Veteran privacy must be respected and details concerning individual passengers must not be discussed with any other person.
  • Veterans must be transported to the destination indicated on the service order.

Black & White Cabs trains our drivers to ensure these principles are upheld at all times.

How to Make a DVA Taxi Booking

Local taxi and hire car providers are contracted to DVA to provide vehicles for transporting DVA clients to medical appointments on time. To make a transport booking on behalf of a veteran call 1800 382 222. If you require more information on veteran’s assistance please contact the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Most of DVA’s transport bookings are dispatched the day prior to travel to ensure the availability of the DVA taxi at the time of the veteran’s appointment.

DVA Transport with Black & White Cabs

Black & White Cabs understands the important role DVA transport plays in enhancing veterans’ quality of life. If you or someone you know is eligible for DVA transport, you can rely on us to provide you with transport to medical appointments in a safe and timely manner.

For passengers who require a wheelchair accessible taxi, our Maxi Cabs are fitted with mobility aids to ensure the safe transport of wheelchair users. The average space for wheelchairs and mobility scooters in Maxi Cabs is usually 130cm by 80cm, with a door height of 140cm.

For more information, please contact our dedicated DVA Specialists on 1800 382 222.