Council Cab Services

Council Cab Services

Are you over 60?
Require mobility assistance?
Holder of a pension/concession card?

If you answered yes to one of the questions above and you live in the Brisbane City Council or Toowoomba area, you may be eligible to use our Council Cab service.

The Council Cabs program provides eligible members of the community with an easy and affordable way to travel to their local shopping centre. Funded by each Council, this service is designed to assist people experiencing transportation difficulties as a result of impaired mobility, age or economic situation. If you meet the eligibility requirements to use this service, you may also be accompanied by a carer or a child under your care.

How does the Council Cabs program work?

The Council Cabs program makes taxi transport more accessible by subsidising fares for eligible passengers. It operates on a weekly basis in Toowoomba and most Brisbane suburbs. In some areas, the Council Cabs program is available twice a week.

The Council Cab will pick you up from your home and take you to your local shopping centre. They’ll also take you back home once you’re finished shopping. Each one-way trip costs between $1 and $2.50. This fare is paid to the driver at the start of the trip. Carers and children travel for free.

Black & White Cabs is proud to work with both Brisbane City Council & Toowoomba Regional Council on the Council Cabs program. All Council Cabs now honour the Queensland Government Companion Card, which permits free travel for anyone accompanying a person with a disability who requires care and support.

Wheelchair Accessible Council Cabs

If you require mobility assistance, Black & White Cabs has a fleet of wheelchair accessible Maxi Taxis. Our drivers are highly trained in assisting passengers who rely on the use of a wheelchair, ensuring their comfort and safety.

To confirm your eligibility and to find out more about this service, please call our dedicated Council Cabs staff on 3403 2227.