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Booking a cab just got easier!  With the new in-app payment options, fixed price fares, advanced booking feature & vehicle options you can book a sedan or a maxi for now or for later, you can know the price before you travel, and take the hassle out of paying by setting up the credit card payment option in the app.


Promo Codes Terms and Conditions

Click here to read our Promo Code Terms and Conditions – App Promo Code Terms and Conditions


How do I use a Promo code?

Using one of our promo codes is easy, firstly you need to setup your credit card details by clicking on the three lines above the search bar. This takes you to the main menu, select “Payment Options” and add your card details. Don’t forget to go to “Settings” and select “In App” as your Default Payment Method.

You’re now ready to enter your promo code and start saving! Return to the main menu, choose “Promotions” and “Add Promocode” enter the promo code and click “Apply”.  

Once you have successfully entered in your promo code, it will be used with the next booking you create in the App. You can view stored promo codes my clicking on “Show my promocodes”

Can I Request a Specific Car Type?

Yes, you can request any car type you wish. This includes ‘Closest Vehicle’, ‘Luxury’, ‘Sedan Only’, ‘Wheelchair Taxi’, ‘7 Seater Maxi’ or ’10 Seater Maxi’.

Please remember there may be additional costs associated with your booking depending on the vehicle type you choose.

Are Fixed Price Fares Available?

Fixed Price Fares are available in the app, all you need to do is setup your credit card as your preferred payment method and your card will be automatically charged at the end of each trip.

Why Should I Rate My Driver?

By rating your driver after the trip has been completed, we can ensure our drivers are delivering the best possible experience to our customers. Each rating we receive from customers is used to further improve our service in the future.

Can I Make Future Bookings?

When making a booking in the Black & White Cabs app, you have the option to book your taxi for ‘Now’ or for ‘Later’.

To make a future booking, simply select ‘Later’ and then choose your booking date and time.

What Are My Options For Payment With Black & White Cabs?

With Black & White Cabs you can pay for your ride in two ways.

  • Pay within the App with a stored credit or debit card
  • Pay in the cab using eftpos, credit card or cash

Please note: a 5% service fee with be charged on all card payments.

Black & White Cabs Locations

Black & White Cabs has locations in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Mandurah, Maryborough, Sydney, Redcliffe or Toowoomba.

Fixed Price Fares

In App Payment

Future Bookings

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