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Call Centre

Black & White Cabs cultivates a culture of opportunity, growth and career advancement. Working at Black & White Cabs is about providing a level of service that really makes a difference to all our customers.

Being a Customer Service Officer (CSO) requires a passion to deliver service excellence, thrive in a fast-paced working environment, and be driven to help provide solutions for a variety of difficult situations.

Highly developed written & verbal communication skills are a must to be successful in this role, so, if you have a positive attitude and love working with people this may be the perfect role for you.

*Fully paid training is provided.


Black & White Cabs provides our customers with a high level of service that aims to make a difference in their lives. The Priority Services Officer (PSO) will be the first point of contact for our priority customers and they will oversee the bookings and solve any enquiries that our customers might have. Being in a fast-paced working environment, attention to detail and a passion for assisting others is a must. Highly developed written & verbal communications skills will be required to liaise with a diverse range of customers from Government Contracts to assisting students, the elderly and the mobility impaired.


*Fully paid training and support is provided.

Black & White Cabs Fleet Support Officers (FSO’s) use radio to support and interact with our drivers – resolving a wide variety of enquiries. FSO’s are a critical element of the Customer Service Centre (CSC) team, and assist in connecting drivers with their passengers.
This role requires the ability to multitask and prioritise, and to manage and problem solve potential problems and issues. The role also requires clear and effective communication skills, and the ability to interpret enquiries over the radio from drivers for whom English is a second language.
Radio Operators are recruited from the pool of Customer Service Operators, particularly those who show an aptitude for rapid and real time resolution.
The Shift Supervisor is the central coordinator of the Customer Service Centre (CSC) – consistently monitoring CSO and FSO performance in real time to ensure effective operations and high service levels. This position liaises with staff across the CSC, and resolves enquires from taxi operators, drivers, and the wider public.
The ability to prioritise, manage, and resolve conflicting issues and situations simultaneously is essential to being a Shift Supervisor. The confidence to make correct decisions based on a deep reserve of knowledge and experience is also a necessary attribute.
Shift Supervisors are recruited from FSO’s that have a detailed overview of both CSO procedures and Fleet Support duties.


RECEPTION – Attends to incoming inquiries to the Black & White Cabs offices
ACCOUNTS – Supporting corporate account payments and incoming and outgoing accounts for Black & White Cabs
FLEET OPERATIONS – Supporting the fleet, Operator and driver relationships, Lost Property, Customer Complaints and Driver Training
FLEET SERVICES – Supports the needs of our fleet and Drivers; with uniforms, dockets, vehicle decals and more
TAXI SERVICES – Supporting the sales and lease of Taxi Service Licenses and vehicles
SALES– Developing relationships with community groups and corporate accounts for Black & White Cabs
MARKETING – Develops marketing campaigns and collateral and communications for promotion of Black & White Cabs to passengers, potential drivers and operators

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