How to Provide Outstanding Experiences as a Taxi Driver

How to Provide Outstanding Experiences as a Taxi Driver

Driving a taxi in Brisbane isn’t what it used to be. Today’s customers are looking for more than just getting from point A to B. They want a customer experience – and delivering this is a critical part of being a successful taxi driver. Black & White Cabs is dedicated to delivering a customer experience that’s like no other.

That’s why we get more jobs.

To help you do the same, here are six tips that will improve the customer experience you offer your passengers (and hopefully increase your tips along the way). Let’s begin!

1. Smile.

Smiling is huge. But you must make it genuine. Introduce yourself with a warm grin.

If you know their name from the booking details (or if they happen to tell you), use it. Names are magic in the way they automatically build rapport.

2. Keep your cab squeaky-clean.

Keeping your taxi clean and well-maintained will improve your passengers’ overall experience. Remove any rubbish between every trip, and avoid eating in your car (this can leave a bad smell).

Don’t forget: First impressions count!

3. Be polite.

A little courtesy can go a long way towards improving your reviews and boosting your tips. For example:

  • Open the taxi doors for your customers
  • Help passengers with their bags
  • Keep an umbrella handy for rainy days.

4. Be open and honest.

Always start the trip by asking if the passenger has a preferred route. If not, check they’re happy for you to rely on the GPS.

If you’re familiar with the area/destination, put your knowledge of the streets to use by taking shortcuts or avoiding common traffic jams. And if the area is new to you, be honest and open about this. Building trust and transparency with your customers will create a more comfortable trip for them.

5. Play the tour guide.

Local landmarks and events can make great icebreakers. Mention a small or large event that’s happening in the city, or point out historic buildings and popular venues along your route. For example, if you’re driving during the day, you could explain how the Story Bridge lights up beautifully at night – sometimes to match current events or world news.

Whatever the event or landmark might be, this is a fantastic way to get natural conversation flowing and build a relationship with your passengers.

6. Be creative… and enjoy yourself!

Make every trip an experience by creating a positive environment in your vehicle. This might involve dressing your car up for a big event (such as a footy final or cultural celebration). Get creative, be unique, and have fun.

Remember: If you’re enjoying yourself, your passenger probably will too!

Want to join us in our quest to provide outstanding experiences for all passengers? Learn how to become a Black & White Cabs driver today, or call us on 1300 159 147.