Putting Your Safety First

Putting Your Safety First


Every weekend, while most of us are sleeping in our warm beds, Len Martin from Black & White Cabs watches over the Brisbane streets in the CBD & Fortitude Valley as he’s done for over a decade. Len coordinates a team of experienced Taxi Rank Marshals, Taxi Drivers and Security Guards who supervise our taxi ranks during those wee hours of the morning, making sure our party goers get home quickly & safely.

The need for supervision arose over 16 years ago when violence, fare evasion and taxi driver assaults became prevalent in the nightclub district. This led to some taxi drivers refusing to work in the CBD & Valley which, in turn, exacerbated the situation. Fuelled by alcohol & frustration, fights would regularly erupt while patrons queued waiting for cabs. On many occasions passengers would force themselves into occupied taxis and refuse to get out, leaving taxi drivers no option but to ask the police to intervene.

Thanks to the Government funded Night Link Program, Brisbane City now has rank supervision on 14 taxi ranks around the nightclub district. These Rank Supervisors, Marshals & Security Guards work closely with the Police and are equipped with city safe cameras and radios to request assistance if needed.
Since its inception this program has coordinated taxi transport for over 12 million passengers and has helped to reduce the triggers associated with violent and anti-social behaviour on our ranks, making your night out in the Valley much more enjoyable. It’s the safest option, particularly if you are travelling alone late at night.

So, if you’re planning a night out in the City you can rest assured at the end of the fun there’ll be an experienced team, ready & waiting to keep you safe, help organise a flat fee taxi payment or a discounted group ride so you get home as quickly and economically as possible