Black & White Cabs Keeping Drivers and Passengers Safe

Black & White Cabs Keeping Drivers and Passengers Safe

Black & White Cabs Sanitisation Stations

The Coronavirus has caused rapid and sudden changes to the lives of many. To deal with this, Black & White Cabs has implemented several measures to ensure the spread of Coronavirus is reduced and minimised.


The safety of our drivers and passengers is our number one priority. Black & White Cabs has established various Sanitisation Stations throughout Australia with the aim of cleaning and sanitising our cabs.

Drivers are able to present their taxis without any prior booking to have them sanitised. Particular attention is paid to high “touch-points” in and around the taxi. These include:

  • Door Handles
  • EFTPOS Equipment
  • Seats
  • Seat Belts
  • Seat Buckles
  • Window Controls

For more information on our Sanitisation Stations Click Here


Black & White Cabs encourages our passenger to practice social distancing in and around our cabs. We are urging all passengers sit in the back of the taxi, if possible. This will increase the distance between the driver and the passenger, reducing the risk of infection.

Black & White Cabs also highly encourages our passenger to make use of our Touchless, Cashless payments through the App. By simply setting up in-app payments within the Black & White Cabs App, passengers are able to pay without having to exchange cash or touch their card of the EFTPOS machine.

Black & White Cabs have been in constant communication with our drivers to inform them on new policies in place, how to act in preventing the spread of the virus and to stay safe. Drivers have been advised to follow strict cleaning procedures after each customer trip. Drivers have also been instructed to open doors for passengers whenever possible to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

Black & White Cabs is constantly changing and adapting in this ever-uncertain situation. Black & White Cabs will release constant updates on what we’re doing to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, so make sure to check our website and follow our social media to stay up to date.