Package Delivery Serivce

Package Delivery Serivce

The Coronavirus situation has caused many businesses, including Black & White Cabs, to change and adapt how they operate. To transform during these times, Black & White Cabs have modified to put a greater emphasis on package delivery on both pick up and drop off.

By simply calling Black & White Cabs on 133 222, you’ll be able to organise an immediate or time booked taxi courier service to pick up of drop off any packages. The only criteria is that the item fits in our cabs!

Our Customer Service Staff are skilled in organising parcel delivery bookings, so you can be confident that your package will safely reach the intended destination.

You’ll also have the benefit of accessing real time GPS tracking information, so you can monitor the package delivery from start to end. We have also introduced minimal distance charges for the delivery or pick up of packages, so you’ll be able to avoid expense shipping and delivery costs.

Our expertly trained drivers will put their upmost care in delivering or picking up your packages, especially during these hard times. Drivers will safely deliver your package to your intended destination, while ensuring that the package is handled with sanitation in mind. Black & White Cabs can also offer a Door-to-Door delivery service, if needed.

Black & White Cabs can adjust to any situations defined by the customer. No matter what the package is (as long as it fits in our cabs) or when the delivery is to take place, Black & White Cabs can adjust. Nothing is impossible with Black & White Cabs.