Black & White Cabs Driver Story – Follow that car

Black & White Cabs Driver Story – Follow that car

It is always a staple in action movies to see a hero jump into a cab and yell to the driver to follow that car. Of course, movies don’t follow real life, but what would happen if something like that happened actually happened?

Well one Gold Coast cab driver did experience that, and it didn’t turn out how he expected.

“It was quite late at night and I was waiting at the Gold Coast airport for one last fare before I finished for the day,” Joseph has been driving on the Gold Coast for over 6 years. He is full of many stories, but this one is his favourite to tell.

“I noticed a woman quickly walking out of the airport. I didn’t really pay much attention to her until she jumped into my cab. Before I could even say anything to her, she hurriedly told me to follow that car that had just passed by.”

“I was stunned for a moment by her request, but I knew there was a job to be done. So, I started my mission to follow the mystery car.”

“I follow this car for around 15 minutes. While driving, I was worried for this passenger. Why did she ask me to follow this car? Was she in trouble? I did ask her if she needed any help. Did she need me to call the police? The only thing she told me to do was to follow that car.”

“After a while, the car stopped at a house in Elanora, a Gold Coast suburb. She quickly told me to pull over at that house. What was odd though was the family that got out of the car, a fun nice-looking family. They seemed to start waving at me and the passenger after she got out of my cab.”

“While the passenger was paying me, she told me the story. Simply, she and her family were visiting some relatives in the Gold Coast. They didn’t have enough space in the hire car for her, so she had to catch a cab. She didn’t know where her relatives lived, but her Dad driving the hire car did. The mystery car was just her family on their way to the relatives house.”

“It was anticlimactic sure, but not every cab driver can say that they’ve been told to follow that car.”