Black & White Cabs Launches Driver for More Drivers

Black & White Cabs Launches Driver for More Drivers


Wednesday 20 January 2021

Black & White Cabs Launches Drive for More Drivers. 

With a cash injection of $3m from private investors led by Managing Director Greg Webb, Black & White Cabs today announced a campaign to recruit more drivers as it prepares to service new Government contracts and launch a new food delivery service.

The growth plan comes after a group of private investors successfully purchased Black & White Cabs yesterday from the troubled P2P Transport through a Deed of Company Arrangement.

Black & White Cabs Managing Director Greg Webb, who leads the group of private investors, said they planned to expand their network of 3,000-plus drivers across all of its locations in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Western Australia.

“We’re really excited about the future for Black & White Cabs, which has recorded growth in long-term transport contracts, cars on the road and revenue even during COVID,” Mr Webb said.

“We’re looking for more drivers and operators particularly in Brisbane and West Moreton but also across every one of our locations to meet demand and to service our growing base of long-term passenger transport contracts with government and large organisations,” Mr Webb said.

“This month we signed a new Transport contract with one of Queensland’s largest hospital and health services. This is one of many long-term contracts we hold with councils, companies and government to transport staff, elderly people, students and people with a disability, which provides a reliable base of income to drivers.

“We’ve also been working with an on-line meals delivery company to support their expansion in South East Queensland as their delivery partner.  We are planning to launch this new delivery service in March 2021”.

“We know drivers and operators love the reliable income base that comes from Black & White Cabs holding long-term transport contracts with governments and corporations, which is why we’ve seen a 40 per cent increase in our fleet since July 2017. As a modern transport company, we’ll continue building that base of contracts plus servicing our everyday demand for door-to-door transport services”.

Over the past three months, Black & White Cabs has also launched onto the Gold Coast. Queensland is experiencing growth driven by Tourism, mining and southern migration. Regional Queensland is recovering and is a growth target for Black & White Cabs.

Western Australia, NSW and Victoria were our highest growth markets over the past 12 months.

P2P Transport went into voluntary administration in December, however as Black & White Cabs was a profitable subsidiary company, it continued to operate business as usual. “Black & White Cabs no longer has a relationship with P2P,” he said.