Black & White Cabs launches food delivery service with OzFoodHunter

Black & White Cabs launches food delivery service with OzFoodHunter

You have probably heard around the place that Black & White Cabs will be partnering with OZFOODHUNTER (OFH) for food delivery.

OzFoodHunter falls into the same concept as a Menulog or Deliveroo. OFH has been in the market for some time but have previously only offered restaurants to customers to order from and provided their own delivery service. After obtaining positive driver feedback and along with careful consideration, we have agreed to a 6-month trial.

OzFoodHunter has integrated to MTI, so the whole process is automated. All vehicles eventually will be provided with a food delivery insulated box to keep in the car for when they receive this work.

Summary of the Process

    1. Customer makes an order via the OzFoodHunter App.
    2. Restaurant receives the order and accepts the order.
    3. Restaurant provides an estimated time that the food will be ready.
    4. Fixed price booking is automatically created in MTI for the time that the food will be ready.
    5. Job is dispatched to vehicle.
    6. Driver enters his or her DA at the restaurant.
    7. Delivers food to destination.
    8. Driver fills in the white universal docket for payment.

Customers will deal solely with OFH and all tracking of the vehicle is done on the OFH app. If the driver has any problems, then they will deal directly with OFH contact centre, this includes problems with the destination address and wait times at pickups. The phone number to contact will be on the driver remarks of the job.


  • $7 for delivery + 10% of the order up to a maximum of $20.00 = $27.00
  • Minimum delivery value – $10.50 for a maximum of 5km distance
  • If the job distance is greater than 5km’s than OFH will apply additional payment for every 500 meters over the distance for the driver

Examples of Pricing

    1. Food order is for $70.00 and the booking distance is 1 km. The driver will receive $14
    2. Food order is for $35.00 and the booking distance is 5m’s. The driver will receive $10.50

As you can see above, there will be times where the driver receives very good money for the distance of the job and there will be times where it is not as attractive.

Start Date

A soft launch has commenced and if all goes well than OFH is ready to expand their database of restaurants to join their platform under their new delivery arrangements.

Have Driver Feedback?

To provide driver feedback, please email: [email protected]