Parcel Delivery

Black & White Cabs offers a fast, efficient and trackable Parcel Delivery Service to all jurisdictions: Brisbane, Redcliffe, Toowoomba, Maryborough and Perth.
All Customer Service Operators are skilled in taking Parcel Delivery bookings with the added service of being able to give our clients a fixed price for their transport and delivery costs.
This service can either be demand responsive, immediate or booked. All deliveries can be viewed in either real or historical time. If the client wishes to question any transport issues regarding their parcel this information can be accessed without any delay.
A 5kg weight restriction applies.

Contract Services

Council Cabs

For enquiries please contact our Community Corporate Department on (07) 3860 9969 in Brisbane and (07) 4635 7250 in Toowoomba or email:

Council Cabs will take you to your local shopping centre for an affordable price. Using Council Cabs is cheaper than a normal taxi service and an easy door-to-door alternative for people unable to access public transport.

1. Book ahead
Simply phone Council Cabs on (07) 3403 2227 or fax on (07) 3860 6000. When you tell the operator your home address, they will advise you of the travel options available in your area. You can book a one-way or return Council Cabs journey anytime before 12 noon the day prior to using the service. At the time of the booking, please notify the operator of the number of passengers traveling and any special requirements. If you wish to become a regular passenger with a permanent booking, please tell the operator, who will add you to our list for a regular booking.

2. Door-to-door pick up
Council Cabs will pick you up from your home in the morning (the operator will give you an approximate time when you book) and take you to the shopping precinct. If you book a return service, the cab will take you back home at around lunch time. Simply meet the cab driver at the designated pick-up and drop-off point at the agreed time.

3. Affordable fares
The cost of your trip will be quoted to you when you book. Payment is made to the driver at the start of each one-way trip.

Hearing impairment
If you have a hearing impairment, you can book through the National Relay Service on 133 677 or you can fax your booking to (07) 3860 6000.

Wheelchair access
If required, you can request a wheelchair accessible vehicle when you book.

Parcels and packages
If you are bringing a shopping cart or walking aid with you, please tell the operator when you book, so there is plenty of luggage space in the cab.

To make sure there is room for everyone, shopping is limited to five regular plastic bags or three reusable shopping bags, or the equivalent, per passenger.

To make sure your shopping doesn’t get mixed up with another passenger’s, why not tie them with a brightly coloured ribbon or place a name-tag on your shopping bags.

Cancelling your booking
If you book and later decide not to travel, please remember to cancel your booking to avoid any inconvenience to fellow passengers.

Please see here for service schedule.

Department of Veterans' Affairs

For enquiries please contact our Community Corporate Department on (07) 3860 9969 in Brisbane and (07) 4635 7250 in Toowoomba or email:

Transportation of Students with Disabilities

Black & White Cabs School Transport Department – Office Hours: 7:10am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday

For enquiries please contact our Groups Department on (07) 3860 1833 in Brisbane and (07) 4635 7250 in Toowoomba or email:

We ask that you please ensure children are ready on time, and that all bags and personal possessions are placed in the boot.
Please note that if there are any changes to a child’s transport arrangement e.g. change of address or change of days/times you must contact the child’s school. Black & White Cabs or its drivers are not authorised to change or approve these details.

The school will arrange for the appropriate paperwork to be completed. All forms go through the relevant District Office and on to Queensland Transport before we received them, with a turn around of up to seven days.  To get forms processed as quickly as possible please ensure you contact the school as soon as you are aware of any changes.

We encourage Teachers and Administrators to call us if there are any questions or concerns. The School Transport team is here to work through any issues and to find resolution together with the staff and parents involved.

Our School Transport Liaison Officer is available to visit the school on Wednesdays and Thursdays during school terms.